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Writing of an academic paper has to be one of the main challenges that students undergo during their school life. Many students normally end up not graduating because of failing in their academic papers. Apart from the inability to balance between books and other non-academic activities, we are going to discuss other aspects that make students fail in their academic papers. Below are some of the mistakes that students should check out for when writing academic papers.


  1. Grammatical Errors

Many students usually end up messing up their academic papers due to grammatical errors. In fact, grammatical errors are considered to be the most committed mistakes in academic writing. To avoid grammatical errors, students are expected to have excellent knowledge of the language involved. Students should also be familiar with the language rules in the languages that they use to come up with their academic papers.

  1. Misinterpretation of Topic

It is very crucial for students to understand the topic they are being asked to write in order to provide relevant content. Misinterpretation of topic is a very dangerous mistake since it can lead to worst grades – F’s to be precise. To avoid misinterpreting a topic, a student must ensure that he reads and researches about the topic before deciding on what content to provide.

  1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is another common mistake that students make. In order to prevent plagiarism, students are required to use various plagiarism detecting software to identify and correct and content that may be plagiarized. The best way to overcome plagiarism is by researching from reliable sources and coming up with your own content after vast reading.

  1. Untidy work and poorly organized contents

For easy comprehension by readers, students are required to arrange their ideas and opinion in vivid and clear manner. Students must also ensure that their papers are tidy and flawless before presenting them to their tutors.

  1. Short or Lengthy contents

It is very crucial for students to ensure that they write an appropriate number of words for the papers that they are given. Writing too short or too lengthy content is a mistake. To avoid all these, students are required to always ensure that they surpass the number of words that they are required to write by around 300 words. Writing content that has lesser words is discouraged since information provided by the writer is deemed to be inadequate in case of such an incident.

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